Reminder of our masking policies

With COVID case counts sky-rocketing over the holidays, we are encouraging our clients to step up their masking game in an effort to try decreasing the transmission of the Omicron variant both within our clinic building, but also in other public spaces.

The BCCDC is starting to recommend we wear N95/KN95 masks for a higher degree of protection, but we also acknowledge that due to supply chain issues and socio-economic barriers, not everyone in our community can access these. However, as a medical facility, our priority is to ensure our masking policies are solid to protect everyone, both practitioner and client alike.

We are reminding everyone that we require AT LEAST 2 layer masks, that fit snugly over your nose and mouth to reduce the spread of aerosols. We also encourage you if possible to double mask.

We have pleated medical grade masks available for $2.
If your mask is not in good condition or too thin,
we will sell you one.

H&H is a shared community space,
please help protect others around you.

If it has been a while since your last visit, please review our COVID-19 protocols prior to your arrival.

We are asking clients who are feeling ill and/or have potentially been exposed to someone who tested positive to COVID to STAY HOME and to contact us to cancel or reschedule your appointment:

  • If it is before 12 hrs of your appointment, we prefer you cancel online through your JaneApp account
  • Email us @ (you will get a faster response)
  • Call us @ 250-590-3185, please leave a message if there is no answer

Use the BCCDC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool or call the nurses hotline at 8-1-1 if you require further medical advice. For more information, please follow the guidelines from HealthLinkBC.

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