Unmasking Cydney

My name is Cydney Patricia Elizabeth Smith.

I am Canadian born, Mother and Father both born in Canada, Maternal grandparents from Scotland and Paternal grandparents also born in Canada and before that, English and Irish. 

I was named after a well behaved little girl in a restaurant that my parents met while my mother was pregnant with me. This little girl was dressed so beautifully and spoke so politely. My mother looked at my father from across the table and said “I want one just like that” so they asked her parents “what is her name?”, and they named me Cydney. 

Unfortunately they ended up with me, I’m easy going and but I can curse like a trucker on occasion. 

I was born in Toronto, Canada and spent ages 6 – 11 in Melbourne, Australia with my family (mother, father & brother). I’m also a Cancer, Rooster and melophile

And here are my answers to a few interview questions to make this a bit more relevant to the times we are in:

My go-to activities to pass the time during quarantine

Going for hikes and walks along the beach with my dog, Molly. I love to spend time outdoors and the past two years I have definitely tried to be outside as much as possible.

Coming from Ontario, British Columbia has so much to offer in terms of outdoor activities, Molly and I are very happy here!  Molly is my very sweet and calm natured emotional support dog. She is a 14 year old black lab that sometimes comes out of retirement in joining me at work.

An intention for the world during this uncertain time

My intention is to bring into the new year a sense of calmness and trusting in the universal powers to balance the equilibrium, restore peace to this world and give us an enhanced human capacity for love and empathy. 

Things I am grateful for

Molly, my parents, my brother and my friends. 

Causes that you support during this time

Humane Society of British Columbia 
Green Party of Canada

Acupuncture is important at this time because

Acupuncture has many valuable therapeutic effects on combating colds and flus and many other types of illnesses acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also have practical protocols for acupuncture in body-resistant enhancement, symptom management and post-pandemic care during COVID-19 outbreak. 

When this is all over I’m looking forward to

Well, as we are here in Canada amidst a fifth wave of COVID and beginning to get our third vaccine doses, I realize that this is our new normal and that things may never get back to the way they were.

Yes, this may seem a bit depressing but it is also freeing. To accept the state of the world and the way things are frees us from the need to have everything perfect in our lives.

Yes, there is fear, yes, there is disease, but I can still be present with what is happening and not ignore the reality that pandemics, natural disasters and even food scarcity are just a few new hardships that living in 2022 we will have to face. 

And if you still want to know even more about me

Check out my practitioner bio, a little about me and perhaps you’d like to visit me and GET POKED .  A lot can be learned about someone just by seeing them mask-to-mask and experiencing how they interact with you.

Best wishes for peace, growth and harmony for you and your loved ones :) And if you feel comfortable, book in for an acu-nap and let me help facilitate and/or enhance your connection to your inner you.

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