This Mother’s Day, give acupuncture treatment credits!

Show that maternal figure in your life how much you appreciate them!
Give the gift of health & wellness for Mother’s Day!

We all have that person in your life that keeps complaining about their lower back, neck pain, insomnia, painful periods, headaches and/or just really needs support unwinding ’cause it’s so damn stressful right now…this is a simple way you can treat your loved ones to some well-deserved self-care.

We have the option to pre-pay for our Community Acupuncture, Cupping & NADA ear acupuncture services!

  • Treatment credits are redeemable for Community AcupunctureCupping Therapy and NADA ear acupuncture!
  • Credits must be in a minimum of $30, which is consistent with our $30-60 sliding scale
  • Contactless payment by e-transfer to (we have autodeposit, no password required!)

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