July – August is Doula Appreciation!

In partnership with Mothering Touch, the H&H acupunk team would love to support and replenish our Doulas in the Greater Victoria area so they can continue supporting expectant parents and their families in the Greater Victoria area for the remainder of the summer <3

From July 4th to August 31st,
Community Acupuncture sessions are $25 for Doulas!
We will waive the $10 paperwork fee for NEW clients!

A Doula provides continuous, informational, emotional, and physical support to birth givers during a transformative time in their lives. As a result of having Doula support, birth givers are more likely to have positive experiences and see lower rates of medical intervention, cesareans and trauma. 

Unfortunately, despite their important work, Doulas are not covered by our healthcare system and especially during the pandemic and our disintegrating state of our healthcare system, they have been an indispensable part of filling the gaps in maternity care, providing the additional supports not provided by the medical system.

How to book an appointment:

  1. Visit heartandhandscommunity.ca/booking for more information, hours & COVID policies;
  2. Our booking page will take you to heartandhands.janeapp.com to our online booking;
  3. Choose the appointment type whether NEW or RETURNING client;
  4. Choose the timeslot of your choice;
  5. At the end of the booking process, there is a section for “Notes”, please include “Doula session” so we know you are entitled to a $25 session;
  6. NEW clients, check your email, JaneApp will have sent you the “New Patient Intake Acupuncture/Cupping”, please complete this prior to arrive for your appointment!

photo by Sophie Lecavalier Photography

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