Farewell David!

Dear members of the Heart and Hands community,

I’m afraid the demands of working at two clinics and studying at UVic have at last caught up with me. In the interest of self-care I will be simplifying and reducing my responsibilities. Unfortunately, this means I will be leaving H&H as of August 2, 2023 in order to marshal my internal resources for the coming semester of university.

It has been a privilege to work with the practitioners and clients at H&H and I wish everyone all the best going forward. Anyone who would like to continue their treatments with me at my private clinic, Soothing Contact Massage and Acupuncture, is welcome to. That said, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere in a full Community Acupuncture room and I cannot offer the benefit of co-regulating as a group. I hope to one day return to the CA model when my attention is being drawn in fewer different directions.

Wishing you all health and peace,
David Gillese, R.Ac.

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