Why do we still keep the front door locked?

Locking our front door was part of our reopening COVID health and safety policies, ensuring folks were properly screened for symptoms and masked prior to entering our clinic. And while a lot of the world, including (sadly) medical facilities, have relaxed protocols, we acknowledge that we live in a different world now. We choose to continue prioritizing the safety of our medically vulnerable staff and clients because very few spaces nowadays do. This is the same reason why H&H continues to mask.

In addition, we don’t have a regular receptionist as we are a wee practice. We find JaneApp has been doing a fantastic job keeping track of bookings and we have systems in place to fill that gap. And with us still being appointment-only, we generally don’t anticipate any walk-ins. 

It is also important to acknowledge the chaotic nature of the neighbourhood we operate in and security is an ongoing issue. Keeping our front door locked helps us control who enters our building. We prefer knowing everyone who comes through our doors, that everyone’s belongings are secure and that we can properly focus on client care. 

So, how does it work for anyone visiting H&H?

  • Plan ahead – our schedule fills quickly, prebook your Community Acupuncture or Cupping sessions via,
    > Online: heartandhands.janeapp.com (preferred)
    > Phone: 250-590-3185 (if you want a call back, leave a voicemail)
    > Email: info@heartandhandscomminunity.ca

  • Practitioners during office hours don’t always have time to talk to potential clients.
    So we can properly respond to you when we have adequate time, please communicate any questions or concerns via,
    250-590-3185 | info@heartandhandscommunity.ca

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and please remember your mask.
    It may take your practitioner a few minutes to let you in, so knocking on the door or calling us won’t get you in any faster. 

  • Once inside, please take care of all your pre-appointment needs including stowing your belongings, making your payment using the Invisible Receptionist, TURNING OFF YOUR CELLPHONE and visiting the bathroom. Then you are prepared and ready to start your acu-nap on time!

We thank you for continuing to support our little clinic who could, for being part of our community and keeping one another healthy and safe.

~H&H acupunks

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