Come as you are…

I often look forward to reading some of the cute and amusing treatment notes clients leave me when I’m setting up my roster for the day.  

And in case some of our clients don’t know, you can leave us messages in the “Reason for visit” field at the end of the booking process in JaneApp. It’s a wonderful tool for clients to communicate to us in advance and helps us work more efficiently when we are formulating your point prescription. 

It keeps me informed and prepared, but also that it communicates a sense of mutual trust between practitioner and client. I want clients to know that they are welcome to come as they are, no matter how unusual the situation may be….just remember to wear a mask and be a nice human to your other fellow humans…

And for our wonderful clients, please keep leaving us those notes! Not only does it help us do our jobs better, we appreciate the momentary chuckle.

– Christina Chan, R.Ac., your friendly neighborhood acupunk

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