A year’s worth of acupuncture needles

Ever wonder what a year’s worth of needles looks like at a bustling, high volume Community practice like H&H? And for scale, each of these sharps has a 1 gallon capacity…

Some needling FAQ:

  • We use a Korean brand, 10 pack, silicone-coated, spring style needle at a 0.18mm x 30mm gauge
  • 10 packs provide the adequate number needles for us to administer a Balance System acupuncture treatment that at minimum is 8-10 points, but can be as much as 20 points depending on the condition(s) we are treating.
  • The silicone coating as well as the very fine gauge ensures for minimal discomfort and fast, gentle needling. For reference, the 0.18mm is fine enough that up to 20 of our acupuncture needles can fit inside a typical hollow, hypodermic needle is a 21mm gauge
  • We’ve become accustomed to spring-handled needles for the grip and sensitivity needed to puncture the skin with minimal pain as well as to be able to feel for structures and tissue density once the needle has crossed the skin. 
  • We practice Universal precautions in which all needles are used only once, then discarded in these red sharps to prevent accidental stick injuries and to reduce the transmission of blood borne illness. 

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