How to use our Invisible Receptionist

One of the key systems of how we operate our Community Acupuncture practice is the all important Invisible Receptionist (IR).

Our IR has been through multiple versions of refinement over the past 13 years, we feel at this point, our system is pretty dialed, including being almost entirely paperless – it serves 3 important purposes:

  1. We are a tiny team and the IR fills the gap when there is no receptionist at the front desk. Once trained, our clients can discreetly and efficiently make their payment before heading into our clinic room for treatment. 

  2. For individuals facing socio-economic barriers, it eliminates the stigma of justifying how much you can afford. As long as your payment falls within our $30-60 sliding scale, there is no income verification, no questions asked. Pay what you can afford.

    And on the flip side, it allows individuals who have the financial means to pay higher on our scale, which in turn pays it forward for their fellow acu-nappers with less financial means.
  3. Using Wort & Cunner Apothecary’s brilliant Green Bottle Model of sliding scale, it is an opportunity for clients to learn more about their financial privilege as well as to acknowledge that each person you are sharing the clinic room with is dealing with a different financial set circumstances. 

We see our IR system as a tool for empowerment, mutual aid and financial justice. It supports our small business and it’s hardworking practitioners. It also provides the autonomy and access for clients of a diverse set of circumstances. 

Esp in these times of growing inequality and economic instability, we feel this is an impactful opportunity to reflect and re-learn our relationship to others in our community and the small ways we can positively impact the lives of others. 

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