Workshop: Supporting Immunity with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sunday March 24th, 1:00 – 3:00pm

Sliding scale $10-20, 12 spots available
Heart & Hands Health Collective, 851 Cormorant St.

Facilitated by Christina Chan, R.Ac. & Jaay (Jade) Kulhawy-Bartlett, R.Ac.
*Hand-outs and a moxa stick provided, please bring a pen and your curiosity!

MASKING REQUIRED – we are prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and attendees as one our facilitators and likely some of your fellow attendees are immunocompromised. If forget yours, we have medical masks available for $2.

Cold and flu season is upon us and many of us spend the fall-winter-spring season in this revolving door of illness, slow recovery and back into illness, over and over for months. Those with certain work environments (ie. outdoors, small offices, schools, health care) or certain elements at home (ie. kids, pets, mold, dust). Some unfortunate souls spend the majority of the colder months with perpetual sniffles, sore throats and general malaise as they drag through one illness to the next.

Furthermore, transitions between seasons are also a time where you may be more vulnerable to external pathogenic invasions due to the waxing and waning of the seasonal energies as we exit one season to enter the next.

And in pandemic times, it is additionally important to support and protect immunity to avoid COVID infection or to ensure you recover effectively and fully after the fact so your risk of lingering symptoms or long COVID is reduced. 

Our session will include a basic introduction to the TCM theory of immunity as well as teaching 3 practical and accessible and traditional approaches (1) Moxibustion, (2) Gua sha and (3) Lifestyle/diet therapy for supporting and/or rebuilding immunity.

If cost is an issue, please contact us

The header image is from Hung Tran.

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