An essential factor in my well-being

An essential factor in my well-being.

I originally started coming to Heart & Hands a few years ago for acupuncture treatments to help with tension migraines, which I had suffered from my whole life. With regular treatments, those migraines have become basically non-existent.

I also participate in sports (powerlifting and pole dance) which are hard on my body and have been the source of many minor injuries and body strains. I also was in a scooter accident in 2022 that really damaged one of my knees. Christina has helped me through all my various physical ailments through treatment and providing guidance on home maintenance and care so I can continue practicing these sports long term.

In addition to physical treatments, I have also found that acupuncture has provided great mental health support when needed. Not only is having dedicated time for rest and meditation in an otherwise busy schedule extremely beneficial, but acupuncture treatments have helped me to calm the mind and gain clarity through difficult times.

Overall, Heart & Hands has provided a space for me to prioritize my well-being over the last few years and coming for regular treatments with Christina has drastically improved my quality of life. This practice is a crucial part of my well-being and I can’t imagine where I would be without it. 


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