A little about JO….

Jade or JO (she/they) came to studying acupuncture and TCM with an interest in providing accessible care and working in outreach. They believe acupuncture and TCM can be a powerful tool to build resiliency, restore a sense of connection and safety within the body and can help support and manage a diverse range of conditions.

Jade is passionate about providing compassionate, weight-inclusive care and practice from a HAES (Health at Every Size) approach. They believe deeply in body liberation, and that everyone has a right to exist in their bodies and the world free from shame, blame and stigma. Jade looks to have deeper, more radical and expansive conversations around health and wellness outside of the dominant cultures ideas about what it means to exist and occupy a body. They strive to provide a safe, inclusive environment that is affirming to all genders, orientations, abilities, ages, bodies and beings!

Read below to get to know Jade (JO) or visit their bio !

What is your hometown?

I grew up on Treaty 1 Territory (Winnipeg, MB). I flew the nest in my mid 20’s and spent 5 years as a grateful guest on Sinixt Territory (Nelson, BC) studying acupuncture & TCM.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a weee child I was dramatic and theatrical and wanted to be a comedian. In my teens I wanted to be a professional skateboarder/snowboarder…

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Short Mountain Tennessee – I attended a fermentation residency program with Sandor Katz and it was by far one of the best experiences of my entire life.

I haven’t left the continent but my dream trip would be a backcountry snowboard trip to Japan.

Favorite food?

Roasted squash.. squash is so versatile and I could literally eat it in any dish. Like squash & cheese tacos, squash & kale pasta, squash & chive pizza, squash & leek risotto, gingery squash & chicken congee, simple squash soup… the list goes on. And don’t get me started about the versatility of cabbage.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs alllllll the way! For anyone who knows me.. knows I am pathologically into dogs. My senior dog Fella Misty passed away last summer and I really miss her. Feeling ready to open my heart to a new beast.. but for now will doom scroll rescue pages haah…

Current book you’re reading?

Reclaiming Body TrustHilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant
When Things Fall Apart Pema Chodron

What are you listening to nowadays?

Currently I’ve been into Hurray for The Riff Raffs new album The Past is Still Alive, and Adrianne Lenkers new album Bright Future. And listening to a lot of country & old time tunes forever and always.

and I am looking forward to seeing Sierra Ferrell & Nick Shoulders play in Vancouver this summer!

What are things you enjoy doing with your spare time?

I’ve been scaling back a lot of hobbies to laser focus on learning to play the banjo. However I also really love riding my bike around, printmaking, cooking delicious meals, and hanging outside.

As well I’ve been diving into the Body Trust Provider Certification program; a program for providers to help develop language, critical analysis and skills for navigating deeper convos around bodies, food, weight and health.

Non-profits you should be watching?

Victoria Community Food Hub
Victoria Tenant Action Group
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
Elder dog
ASDAH – Association for Size Diversity and Health

What is your super power?

Hmm, this ones a hard one but maybe always trying to see the humanity in others and approaching people with curiosity, kindness and openness. (but also just wishing this was just the standard out in the world)

Why acupuncture?

Gosh so many reasons… to name a few..

It is a safe, effective and gentle modality that can help support and manage a wide variety of symptoms & conditions. and not only managing symptoms but is also health promoting!

It is a powerful tool for regulation, relaxation & providing a sense of calm.

Acupuncture works wonderfully in conjunction with other care and can help provide relief when sometimes it’s hard to find answers or there are limited options. It can provide care & support in this chaotic time of growing socio-economic inequality & increasingly limited access to a crumbling medical system.

Describe community acupuncture in a nutshell.

Acupuncture performed in a quiet soothing group setting often in reclining chairs with acupuncture mostly performed distally on arms and legs. A higher volume of clients are seen per hour allowing for a reduction in costs per treatment allowing for a larger demographic of people to access care. The sliding scale model and accessibility allows for individuals to seek care more frequently, which may be ideal for managing whatever ails you!

Heart & Hands is…

A safe supportive haven where you can come to rest your bones, regulate, build resiliency and be in your bod in community with other folks.

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