Unmasking JO

My name is Jade or known around H&H as “JO”.

I am a white, able bodied, small to mid-fat cis-woman who is a 3rd generation settler born and
raised in Winnipeg. The Traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene
peoples and homeland of the Metis Nation. I have roots in Eastern Europe with some of my ancestors on my maternal side immigrating to Winnipeg from Poland.

I came to study Chinese Medicine and holistic medicine after many years of chronic dieting,
disordered eating, chronic depression and struggling with body dysmorphia. Over the years of
my studies, narratives around health and wellness have shifted a lot for me through the lens of anti-oppressive frameworks, fat liberation and the Health at Every Size model of care. In my practice I aim to merge these frameworks within my practice to create a safe, informed compassionate space to obtain care.

And here are my answers to a few interview questions to make this a bit more relevant to the times we are in:

My go-to activities to pass the time during quarantine:

In the early days of the pandemic I wrapped up 4 and a half years of school, completed my clinical practicum and wrote my board exams to licence. I was also fortunate to spend lots of downtime with my late senior dog Fella and I also got a “pandemic puppy”, a sparkly & very mischievous dachshund terrier mix named Qibo during the summer of 2020. I spent lots of time getting my ankles bitten by the sharp toothed dragon puppy and watching my two dogs develop a bond.

An intention for the world in this time of uncertainty:

May we not turn our backs from all the current horrors of the world or ever normalize the level
of injustice we are seeing around the globe. Despite the temptation to become numb or shut
down, let us channel our anger, fear, and outrage to advocate for a more just world where people
can live with dignity and equality.

Things you are grateful for (in no particular order):

  • I feel humbled, and have an immense amount of gratitude and respect to be practicing and continuing my studies of a traditional medicine that is not of my ancestral/cultural origin.
  • Grateful to join H&H’s team, an enterprise that aligns greatly with my ethics and values with like-minded practitioners.
  • I count my lucky stars to have landed in a soft place and have been able to find housing & work to provide stability while I settle into a new community.
  • To all the people in the world who care about humanity.

Acupuncture is important at this time because…

With the current state of worldly affairs many folks are dealing with higher levels of stress,
dysregulation, overwhelm and are struggling. That is paired with limited access & barriers to
seeking medical care for a lot of people right now. Acupuncture is such a powerful modality to
help with regulation, stress management and can help support your overall well being in these
challenging times. I am regularly in awe of how incredibly effective acupuncture is for managing
and treating a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

Causes that you support during this time:

An immediate and permanent ceasefire and ending the occupation and genocide of the Palestinian people
Land Back
Protecting 2SLGBTQIA+ rights
Disability rights & increasing the disability benefit in so called Canada
Drug decriminalization
Ending body based stigma and fat liberation

When this is all over, I’d like to…

Go on a trip…I would love to travel to Oaxaca with a group of beloved pals.

And if you still want to know even more about me:

Check out my practitioner bio, a little about me and perhaps you’d like to book in for either a Community Acupuncture session OR Cupping & Gua Sha treatment!

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