July 1st was a very surreal day…

At 6:30am, Monday July 1st, I thought I was just going “pop by” the new space to grab my laptop only to open the door and stand there paralyzed because I was unable to process for at least 5 minutes that someone smashed in our windows:

This is utterly devastating.

Someone decided to throw two rocks through our windows, also destroying the beautiful signage by Dobell Sign Co.

I’m not sure what else to do aside from asking, if you’d like to support us as now our renos have gotten much more complicated…feel free to send Heart & Hands a little financial support as during our closure to finish the renos and set-up, we’ve been unable to generate any revenue.

And this happened the day before our security installation :(

E-transfer us at heartandhands.acu@gmail.com

Now at this point our reopening date is unknown. A police file is opened, we’re working on getting things boarded up and hope to call a window company ASAP tomorrow.

Thank goodness for insurance, but I’m heartbroken, nauseous and all kinds of emotions…


It’s 7:00pm after this exhausting day on top of every other day that has been exhausting tackling this renovation:

It’s been a surreal day and both Anna and myself are numb and exhausted, but also completely taken aback by how our community has rallied behind us <3

Thankfully, no one was injured, nothing was stolen and there was minimal damage to the contents of our space. But just a juvenile, senseless act of violating vandalism.

Our contractors, Keith and Finlay, Denny, JO and myself made swift work of clearing all of the broken glass. I’m pretty sure we’ll be finding glass shards for weeks.

The funds folks have sent so far will go towards the final stretch of renos, specifically addressing deficiencies identified by the building inspector from the City, but also as back-up funds in the event our insurance won’t cover the cost of having our signage repainted by Chris and Stu Dobell of which we have already been in communications about scheduling them in once our windows are replaced

We are sending a HUGE THANKS to everyone who generously sent us e-transfers…some donors we’re not entirely sure are even clients, so we are esp touched!!! As small business owners, we are technically unemployed until we’ve passed final inspections and are granted new business licenses for 2612 Quadra St in order to legally operate. SO, these funds also serve as a financial buffer as us working class peasants scrape together the bottom of our savings to get to the finish line.

If you would like to support us, you can either send an e-transfer to heartandhands.acu@gmail.com OR please continue sharing and engaging with our posts. It’s heartening to know our community has our backs <3

Also, here is a wee sneak peek of the marvels that await you – an abundant apothecary and our acupuncture dreamland.

As for the windows, we’ve had to reinstall the penitentiary bars that were initially removed when we first took possession as a security measure. There is basically nothing separating us from the great outdoors… and I’m low key terrified to leave our space tonight. I’m praying no one decides to further smash our windows.

And as for the vandals, WTF is wrong with you, this is why we can’t have nice things. The closer we get to finishing, the more shocking and intense the curveballs have been :(

My good friend Adrian and veteran acu-napper had this perspective on the situation:
“I like to think that the degree of suffering will be positively related to the extent that you will be rewarded.”

Adrian, I sure hope you are right, sigh.

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