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Ayurveda is directly translated as “Life Knowledge”, the science of understanding our relationship with our environment. This holistic treatment begins with assessing the root of your challenge or frustration, in order to eradicate it from the source. A variety of techniques are used such as, marmatherapy and acupressure, abhyanga (oil) massage, heat therapy, herbal compresses, aromatherapy, and more..

Carly Lauder is dedicated to living in alignment with her inner guidance. After growing up in a family of divorced and alcoholic parents, Carly’s low self-esteem, anxiety, and internal rage led her to the yoga mat for the first time. Her love for practicing and teaching Yoga expanded into similar techniques of healing; moving the body through the art of Thai Massage and Ayurvedic bodywork. Her teachings will reveal to you that movement is necessary for profound growth, transformation, and healing. You will be acknowledged with an open heart, accepted as you are, and inspired to move beyond what you thought was possible. Have Courage ~
www.heartandhandscommunity.ca/yoga / www.carlylauder.com

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