The Co!nspire Collective

The Co!nspire Collective operates out of Unceded Coast Salish Territory and Unceded Plains Cree Territory. We envision a way to put meaningful creation into the world; support people, groups, concepts and movements that promote justice; and create alternatives to work that takes away the ability to fully engage in the constant and urgent happenings in community, locally and globally.
For this reason we hope this collective can not only help support us as artists, but also further movements through financial support, collaboration, skill-sharing and community-building.

Annie Banks is a white settler who has recently moved to the unceded traditional territories shared by the Plains Cree and other nations. An artist, facilitator, and always a work-in-progress, Annie seeks to continue learning and to collaborate with others passionate about social justice, in liberatory ways.

Ruby Smith Díaz was born to Chilean and Jamaican immigrant parents on Plains Cree Territory, and graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Education with distinction. She is passionate about youth empowerment through the arts, movement building, and popular education.

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