Acupuncture Seat Sales New Rates Sept 2019

Suspending Acupuncture Seat Sales due to COVID-19

Suspending the sale of Acupuncture Seat Sales

Due to many variables and unknowns operating during COVID-19, we will no longer be selling Acupuncture Seat Sales for the foreseeable future.

For cards that are still valid, you may transfer the card over to a friend/family member so they may use up the remaining pre-paid sessions. Please notify us if you choose to do so, contact us | 250-590-3185.

For punchcards valid from March 18th, 2020 on, the expiry date will be extended till December 31st, 2020.

We ENCOURAGE you to add an extra $5-10 when redeeming your sessions, so it is closer to our $35-55 adjusted sliding scale.

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