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Acupuncturist is taking a client's pulses. The clients arms are tattooed and resting on a green fleece blanket.

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Christina Chan, R.Ac.
Susan Shields, R.Ac.
Veronica Palmer-Jones, R.Ac.
Jenica Geisler, R.Ac. (Sub)
Katrina Montgomery, R.Ac. (Sub)

Affordable & accessible

Acupuncture treatments offered in a supportive group setting at sliding scale rates. Community acupuncture = affordable and accessible holistic health care. Find out more about Community Acupuncture, read our FAQs page 

NEW clients

$30-60 sliding scale (includes $10 paperwork fee). Information for NEW clients


Pay what you can afford. We accept cash, cheque & debit.
We ask that you LIMIT your use of credit cards. Choosing to pay with debit and cash helps to ensure more goes to the clinic rather than to credit card processing fees. We really appreciate it if that is an option for you.

Find out more about our convenient, affordable, quarterly Acupuncture Seat Sales!
Do you qualify for MSP coverage? Find out about our Direct MSP Billing!

“We use acupuncture as the tool for social change as it empowers the community, breaks down socio-economic barriers and provides sustainable, preventative health care. Viva la revolucion!” ~ Heart & Hands acupunks

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