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Community Acupuncture


Affordable and accessible.
Acupuncture treatments offered in a supportive group setting at sliding scale rates. We provide treatments consisting of distal points (arms, legs, head, ears) in comfortable zero gravity recliner chairs.
Community acupuncture = affordable and accessible holistic health care.

Community Acupuncture is both a practice/business model as well as a social movement first founded by Lisa Rohleder and Skip Van Meter, both Licensed Acupuncturists in Portland OR. It makes acupuncture an accessible option to a wider range of individuals who otherwise could not afford the going rate for acupuncture. It is also a modern take on how acupuncture is traditionally provided in Asia; in a large open space, treating many people at once, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Find out more about Community Acupuncture, read our FAQ . 

NEW clients

$40-70 sliding scale (includes $10 paperwork fee). 
Questions? Visit information for new clients

Upon booking, you will receive an email confirmation. Check this for a link to your intake form and complete your online intake as soon as you receive it. If an electronic intake is in anyway difficult for you, PLEASE ARRIVE 15 min BEFORE your appointment time to complete the necessary forms by hand.

Our forms are also available for download , print them out and complete them in advance.


$30-60, pay what you can afford. We accept cash, cheque & debit.
We accept cash, debit & credit.
We hope to LIMIT credit card payments to help to ensure more goes to the clinic rather than to credit card processing fees.

Cancellation policies

We are accepting cancellations up to 12 HOURS BEFORE your appointment.
Missed appointments or late cancelations (less than 12 hrs notice) will be subject to a $35 fee

Exceptions granted to the following unforeseen and/or emergency situations:
> Illness or accident
> Personal/family emergencies
> Childcare conflicts
> If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or awaiting test results

Please provide advanced notice, so there is adequate time for another client to fill your timeslot.
Up to 12 HOURS BEFORE, you may cancel your appointment via:

  • Online through (preferred)
  • Email,
  • Phone, 250-590-3185 – at this time, our capacity to answer the phone will be limited

Our JaneApp system sends email appointment reminders 36 hours before.
If you do not use or regularly check your email, please put systems in place to remind yourself of the appointment you have booked.

PLEASE NOTE: we always do our due diligence to contact you if you miss an appointment. Failure to follow-up with us will result in your online booking being disabled until your $35 fee is paid.

Be accountable for the timeslot you have booked, as our scheduling is limited.
Help us help you get the acupuncture you need.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of acupuncture?

YES! Acupuncture is covered by most extended health plans in BC. Please contact your employer or extended health provider to find out about your coverage. The UVic Student Health Plan and Camosun College student plan also covers acupuncture fees.

However, due to the high volume nature of Community Acupuncture, we do not direct bill to Extend Health Providers. Our $30-60 sliding scale is also intended to be affordable to individuals who do not have extended health coverage and need to pay out of pockets for such expenses.

For more information, visit FAQ  

How to use our sliding scale

Our sliding scale is in place so we can treat people from a wide spectrum of financial situations, which is why we want to keep the bottom end of our sliding scale as accessible as possible. If you are tight for money, pay at the low end of the sliding scale, but those of you who have extended healthcare benefits or those of you that find the higher end of the sliding scale within your means, we encourage you to pay more.

To keep rates affordable and our clinic running efficiently, we ask our client-base to participate in the following

  • Book online – we may not always be available to answer the phone. Please make the effort to book your appointment online. This reduces the amount of time spent on the phone if the acupuncturist on-shift so they can focus on client care.
  • Leave a voicemail – we are not always available by phone. If you want us to return your call, please make the effort to leave a voicemail.
  • Be punctual – we rely on high volume to keep our rates affordable, therefore, we rely on everyone arriving on time so that the acupuncturist on-shift can stay on track. Commencing Nov 1, 2021, clients arriving 5+ minutes past their appointment time will be subject to a $2 late fee.
  • Be accountable to the appointment you have booked – adhering to our cancellation policies and ensuring you keep track of the appointment(s) you have booked. When you book an appointment and not show, you are taking a timeslot away from another client in need of care.
  • Paying it forward – if it is within your means, esp individuals who have extended benefits, by paying on the higher end of the scale you are investing in clients who have less financial privilege and is the basis of mutual aid.

To learn more, READ HERE.

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