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Group Building Using Acupuncture

Is there a way in which Community Acupuncture can benefit the groups and organizations you work with? We would be delighted to provide acupuncture in conjunction with your group building processes and events. For instance, it is an excellent modality to use in conjunction with group retreats and team building workshops. It also works well as a remedy for group “burn-out” (especially community, education, social work and public health fields) and helps to resolve tension and conflicts.

Here are some ways that Community Acupuncture can work in conjunction with other programs

  • Discussion, counseling, mediation groups
  • Empowerment workshops
  • Organizational retreats
  • Self care and/or preventative health workshops
  • Creative expression (writing, dance, theater)

We are happy to provide interested organizations with an 1-1.5 hr long workshop addressing

  • Self-care and wellness in social, changemaker, activist work and its necessity in longevity and burn-out prevention
  • The significance of group healing and decreasing social isolation
  • Supporting mind-body awareness and its role in stress management
  • Principles of Community Acupuncture as an alternative social health care model and social movement
  • Includes 45 min of group acupuncture (space allowing)
  • Closing with a Q&A
  • Specific requests for additional topics are a possibility!

Workshops are upon donation or by honorarium $100-$175 sliding scale.
Your contribution provides a sustainable income to our hardworking and committed practitioners who are facilitating these sessions.

For more information on the significance of group healing

Strength in Numbers
More to Healthy Life than Diet & Exercise

We want to build a healthier community. Have needles, will travel.

Request a Community Acupuncture & Group Building Workshop!
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