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Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, MSc Herbal Medicine, BSc Botany

587-703-7314 | info@latifasherbs.com

I believe herbal medicine is the people’s medicine.Head shot of Latifa, wearing an orange top, standing on the beach
I strive to link plant bodies to human bodies in a way that builds resilience, community, strength, love and integrity. When I observe nature I see a powerful source of healing and renewal. We all carry that healing life force inside ourselves. Plants are really good at reminding us about that.

I harvest my own medicines, by hand, from the land, with gratitude.

Education and self-empowerment are a big part of my practice. I am a faculty member at Pacific Rim College. I run workshops regularly.

I am qualified with a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Botany.

Appointments available

THURSDAYS 3 – 7pm (starting in September)
*Free initial consultations from now until Oct. 31st!
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3 session package $75-$90 sliding scale
*Valid for 6 months
**Cash & credit accepted

About Herbal Medicine

What to expect in an initial consultation?

What to expect in a follow up consultation?

About herbal medicine

Herbal medicine uses plant-based medicine in the form of tincture (alcohol extracts), teas, capsules, and ointments. Plant-based medicines can help relieve symptoms, support the natural healing process of the body, and nourish the spirit. Herbal medicine can be used to support:

  • General health (headaches, immune support, allergies)
  • Mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia)
  • Skin (eczema, psoriasis, acne)
  • Digestion (IBS, peptic ulcers, indigestion, constipation)
  • Cardiovascular health (high blood pressure, heart disease, varicose veins)
  • Musculoskeletal (arthritis)
  • Urinary tract (bladder infection)
  • Gynecological (PMS, menstrual irregularities, menopausal symptoms)
  • Male-bodied health (benign prostate hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction)
  • Autoimmune and metabolic disease (hyper/hypothyroid, diabetes)

What to expect in an initial consultation?

Meet & greet: FREE (15 minutes)
Initial consultation: $40-$70, cash & credit only (1 hour)

An initial consultation lasts 60 minutes and is an in-depth look at your health history and current health status. Any relevant tests and blood work may be reviewed at this time. Additional assessments such as blood pressure may also be taken. Herbal medicines will be recommended and generally a minimum of 3 follow-up appointments is recommended.

What to expect in a follow up consultation?

Follow up consultation: $30-$60, cash & credit only (30 minutes)

A follow-up consultation lasts 30 minutes, will review health progress, and build trust between us. Any new concerns may be brought forward. Adjustments to the herbal formula may also be made.

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