Incredible opportunity to take over a busy, established community acupuncture practice

About us

Heart & Hands Health Collective is a grassroots, locally-owned and community-focused Community Acupuncture & Holistic Health clinic in the North Park neighbourhood of Lkwungen Territories (Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island, BC). Victoria is a mid-sized city with a population of 386 000, a temperate climate, surrounded by ocean and natural beauty and boasts an active, outdoor lifestyle.

We are looking for social justice-focused and passionate acupuncturists, TCM practitioners or naturopaths to take over our busy and established Community Acupuncture practice. We want to build a new team of business partners dedicated to making acupuncture and other complementary health care services inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Serving the community since 2010, Heart & Hands provides hundreds of streamlined acupuncture sessions each month, in a supportive group setting, all at an accessible sliding scale (currently $30-$60/session). Community Acupuncture’s affordability, accessibility and inclusiveness makes it a profound tool for positive social change. It is a means to transforming the way we provide and interact with health care in our society. It fills in the gaps of our medical system, catches who it can, from falling through the cracks and holds space with curiosity, compassion and reverence for the human condition. Community Acupuncture reaches the segment of our community that is often priced-out of accessing higher-cost private practice acupuncture.

As a wellness hub for the community, we treat a wide variety of conditions from musculo-skeletal pain to mental health, from digestive/respiratory/hormonal conditions to supporting individuals through all stages of pregnancy, all while making it possible to visit regularly and frequently. If you’ve got it, we’ve got pokes for that! And especially during the increasingly challenging COVID-19 pandemic, we have served as an important community resource and lifeline to many.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued providing 60-80 sessions per week. Our reputation is well-known within Victoria and beyond. Since 2010, we have been active in partnering and supporting other community events, organizations and local businesses, such as AIDS Vancouver Island, Eves of Destruction Roller Derby, Victoria Anarchist Book Fair, Anti-Violence Project, Portland Hotel Society, Mothering Touch, FernFest and Indigenous Wellness Week at UVic.

Our organization appreciates the diversity of human beings and does not discriminate based on race, age, size, national origin, language, religion, ability, education, HIV status, marital status, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity. We invite everyone who comes through our doors to share similar attitudes of acceptance of individuals from all walks of life.

Qualifications of eligible candidates

These skills and attributes while important to our practice and clientbase are not all necessary, however eligible candidates should be motivated and willing to learn and/or develop the following:

  • Prepared to assume an ownership/business partnership role – We are not looking for employees, rather mature, stable, resourceful individuals who are interested in carrying on our practice and our client-base for the long term;
  • A Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.), Practitioner or Doctor of TCM (R.TCMP/D.TCM) or Naturopathic Doctor, ND (with acupuncture certification), insured and in good standing within your respective governing body in order to legally practice in BC;
  • At least 2 years of clinical experience with a preference for candidates with experience working with individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds;
  • Familiar with accessible/lower barrier treatment models such as Community Acupuncture and/or NADA;
  • In order to maintain a similar style of treatment – clinical experience in a group treatment setting and/or providing distal-style treatments, which can be efficiently administered from our zero gravity recliners – ie. Tan’s Balance Method, Master Tung, Miriam Lee;
  • Familiar with the framework of sliding scale and how socioeconomic barriers impact the health and well-being of our community;
  • Trauma-informed;
  • Passion for social justice and it’s significance within the social determinants of health;
  • Thrive in a fast-paced clinical setting with the ability to multi-task – we are currently providing treatment within a 15 minute window with charting and payment processing done sporadically between appointments;
  • Works independently, organized;
  • Team player, innovative, creative, problem solver;
  • Proficient skills in marketing, social media and outreach OR willingness to learn;
  • Weekly availability of a minimum of 12 hrs (equivalent of 3 x 4 hr shifts);
  • The dedication, drive and vision to maintain and grow our practice as well as to develop and implement new strategies to attract new clientele and improve client care.

Additional details & what we need from you

If you are interested in the important role of taking over the day-to-day operations of Heart & Hands, tell us more about yourself and why you would be a fit for our client-base. We especially welcome matriarchs, BIPOC and LGBTQIA2+ practitioners. We would love to pass the torch to candidates who have had a lived experience of facing barriers to receiving health care services and/or working with individuals who have faced such barriers.

We are currently testing the waters to find eligible candidates to build our new operational team. Once the team is more solidified, a business/ownership structure will be determined and negotiated. This is an ongoing process that will evolve based on the specific needs of eligible candidates. A separate administrative office manager position will also be hired based on those needs.

All necessary training and ongoing mentorship will be provided to help eligible candidates to transition into assuming the responsibility of operations and to support future growth and visioning of the practice.

Please thoroughly navigate our website to get a sense of the culture and values at Heart & Hands. To gain a deeper sense of the demographics of our client-base as well as the impact we’ve made in the community, please visit our Humans of Heart & Hands stories project,

Ensure that your application explicitly addresses all skills and criteria listed above as well as why you are a suitable candidate to assume responsibility for this important hub of community holistic health care.

Interested individuals, email in PDF format to your:

  • Resume
  • Letter of interest
  • 2 references

**Our second round of recruitment closes October 31st, 2021**

We are a busy establishment with set office hours, please no walk-ins or phone calls.
Send any inquiries to, Re: Join Our Team.

Owner/Operator Responsibilities

Members of the H&H team would be responsible for the day-to-day client care of our community acupuncture practice – currently 4-5 clients hourly, capacity to increase in accordance with public health and safety advisories.

On a weekly basis, acupuncturists are responsible for scheduling their weekly hours, administering streamlined, distal-style acupuncture treatments (within a 15-minute window), charting and invoicing as well as client communications to maintain course of treatment.

During each respective shift, practitioners also ensure that email/voicemail is addressed and necessary light housekeeping, such as laundry, restocking acupuncture and office supplies to ensure the shared clinic space is kept clean, organized and operates efficiently.

Practitioners are required develop ongoing adjustments to the practice in accordance to pandemic health + safety restrictions as well as the opportunity to build and grow the practice once COVID restrictions decrease.

Pre-COVID, we operated:
Monday-Friday 10am – 2pm + 3 – 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am – 3pm
*Opportunity to expand hours

Current fee structure:
$30-60 sliding scale (+ $10 paperwork fee for NEW clients)
With direct MSP billing $12-32 sliding scale (+$23 directly billed to MSP)
*A lower sliding scale may be offered on a case-by-case basis to low income clients who have demonstrated a commitment to a regular course of treatment.

Administrative Responsibilities

Practitioners are responsible for responding to any relevant voicemails and emails pertaining to client communications as well as coordinating with other H&H team members.

Practitioners are expected to contribute monthly to the website blog, newsletter and social media marketing in collaboration with the office manager and other H&H practitioners.

Expectation of monthly staff meetings for strategizing, marketing and ongoing adjustments to pandemic practising.

When permissible with changing COVID restrictions, practitioners are expected to organize and attend community outreach events – a list of previous opportunities will be provided.

Duties will change and evolve in response to the needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, community acupuncture practice, practitioners and clients.

What is available at our clinic space

  • A JaneApp account for online booking, charting, invoicing and direct billing (only MSP).
  • A ~420 sq ft group acupuncture room and a separate ~150 sq ft consultation/storage room.
    Our consultation room has been used for naturopathic and herbal medicine consults, dental hygiene and craniosacral therapy. It stores a massage table, bar fridge as well as folding tables and chairs for events and workshops.
  • Systems and infrastructure to facilitate treatment for 5+ clients in our group acupuncture room as well as collecting payment via our invisible receptionist system (see image below).
  • Our community acupuncture practice has all of the required equipment (zero gravity recliners, linens, acupuncture supplies, sound system + sound conditioning).
  • Active, established website, blog, email newsletter, and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram).
  • On-site laundry, air purifier and ventilation system to maintain COVID-19/communicable disease protocols.
    For more details about our COVID-19 admin & safety policies, READ HERE.
  • Our building is wheelchair accessible and bathroom accessible to certain mobility devices.
  • Existing workshop series (on hold due to COVID), called “Take Home TCM”, covering moxibustion, shi liao (TCM diet therapy) as well as neck & shoulder acupressure.
  • There is the opportunity to grow the practice, create new partnerships with like-minded practitioners and community organizations.
For a more in-depth explanation of The Green Bottle, visit HERE.

A view inside our space

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