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This is all information that ensures that our collective maintains a welcoming, clean shared space for practitioners, volunteers and clients. We strive to ensure that we run in a fair, open-minded and efficient manner so we can all have a positive experience working and making a living :)

Questions, concerns or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me,

House rules

Scheduling & booking space
Schedule changes
Booking large acupuncture room
Illness or absence

Rental Fees

Communication & Promotional Materials

Blog & Newsletter Submissions

House rules

This is a shared space.
We thank you in advance for doing your part. It is how we maintain a shared space so it is clean, functional and welcoming to everyone.

  • Communal spaces like the consult room fridge, water cooler + cups, kitchen sink/counter, bathroom, etc. should be left in the same condition as you found them.
  • Our front desk volunteers are assigned the weekly responsibility of sweeping the floor, washing cups, replacing toilet paper, etc, but if you notice something needs to be done, please contribute whenever possible.
  • Cleaning supplies, hand towels/rags, toilet paper, paper towels, reusable plastic dishes are kept under the kitchen sink.
  • Garbage bags (large & small), boxes of Kleenex, flat folded paper towel are kept on top of or inside the cabinet of the shelf to the right of the acupuncture room door.
  • Consult room garbage & recycling, if full, please transfer them to the large bins in the lobby or introduce yourself to the staff at The VICS (853 Cormorant St.) and they will happily let you into our shared recycling/garbage lock-up.
  • If something has run out or needs to be addressed, please leave a message on the white board next to our charting area in the large acupuncture room.
  • To avoid interruptions during your sessions, turn the neon pink “IN SESSION” sign on the consult room door and lock the door. 
  • If you are the last to leave the building, ensure windows are closed, lights & heat are turned off  & turn the dehumidifer on prior to leaving for the evening.

Scheduling & booking space

Community Acupuncture is in BLUE, it operates out of the large acupuncture room.
Gentle Yoga is in light GREEN, it operates out of the large acupuncture room.
All other modalities on the schedule are practitioners sharing the consult room.

Scheduling changes or scheduling outside of your assigned hours in consult room:

Please check the Google Calendar below to avoid any scheduling conflicts.
If you need to notify other practitioners about scheduling, use our Contact form  or refer to the list of contacts from Other Offerings .

New sessions/changes to schedule should be communicated to me at least 2 weeks in advance. Esp if you need the large acupuncture room packed for you.

Booking the large acupuncture room:

Unless otherwise posted (ie. stat holidays, special events), Community Acupuncture and our equipment occupy the large room. Community Acupuncture’s regular hours are as follows:
> Monday – Friday  10am – 2pm + 3 – 7pm
> Saturday  9am – 1pm + 2 – 6pm
> Sunday 10am – 3pm

If you would like to schedule a workshop or gathering in the large room:

  1. Please check the Google Calendar for availability.
  2. Determine your date(s) & hours, please allow AT LEAST 30 minutes after our regular hours for pack-up.
  3. Contact Christina to arrange your booking,
  4. Unless other arrangements are made, rental fees for the space are $15/hr, due 2 weeks before your agreed upon rental date(s). We accept cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer.
    A receipt will be emailed to you through our JaneApp system for tax purposes. 
  5. If you are hosting a benefit/charitable event, please let me know. The use of the space can be donated in exchange of acknowledging the contribution of Heart & Hands Health Collective.

In the event of illness or absence:

  • With adequate notice (24 hrs, up to morning of), we are happy to post signage on the front door or to notify clients who walk-in that you are ill or away. You are responsible for contacting clients.
  • Extended absence – ie. summer holidays, we will require start and end date so we can update your webpage, Google Calendar & weekly black board in the lobby.

Rental Fees

  • Rental fees (80/20 split) are due on the 1st of every month unless otherwise negotiated.
  • You will be emailed your receipt through our JaneApp system. Please notify me by email, if there are any issues, address change, etc.
  • E-transfer is preferable, but if necessary, we accept cash, cheque or debit.
    If paying cash, cheque or debit, please submit payment at our front desk + email notify me once paid ( An envelope with your name will be kept with our float, so I can identify who I received rent from when processing your payment and provide an email receipt.
  • There is a $10 charge for lost keys.

Communication & Promotional Materials

  • Everyone mutually agrees to respond on voicemails/emails within 24 hrs
  • Regularly check your webpage on You are responsible for providing me current information (contact info, hours, services, etc.). If you require any updates or notice any errors, please contact me, Please provide up to 24 hrs for updates to be posted.
  • You are responsible for keeping your material (ie. business cards, flyers, posters, etc.) restocked and current. There is space on the low bookshelf in the lobby for business cards and flyers.
  • Those of you who are on Facebook + we are Facebook friends, you have been added as Admins on the Heart & Hands Health Collective Facebook page.
  • Please notify me if there are any discrepancies on the weekly black board schedule or on the Google Calendar.
  • Mail & notes will be tacked to the small bulletin board in the consult room. Packages will be left on the shelves behind the curtains. Please remember to check that area regularly.

Blog & Newsletter Submissions

Newsletter/blog submissions are a good way to keep you information fresh and visible to our client-base and may consist of anything pertaining to your practice (events, articles, educational, community, etc.).

Newsletter submissions are due on the 10th of each month and are emailed on the 15th of each month. Blog submissions are accepted any time, but please allow at least 24 hrs for your entry to be posted to our website.

Our blog & MailChimp email newsletter are great marketing tools. We would love for you all to contribute material to either or both. Use the contact form to send me your submissions.

Please send text for newsletter/blog submissions in Microsoft Word file.
Please include an image to accompany your submission text. 

Here is an example of an ideal blog submission with formatted text, url linking to the originating website and a 2:1 landscape image, SEE HERE

Submit your Newsletter/Blog Submissions below:
For submitting material for our monthly email newsletters or posting material to the H&H blog. Please complete the following sections below.
Allowed file extensions are jpeg, png. Max file size is 20 MB. Please provide an image to accompany your text. For newsletter, vertical (1:2) image fits best. For blog, horizontal/banner type (2:1) fits best.
Max file size is 20 MB. You may upload a Word Doc to provide the text for your newsletter/blog post and allow formatting such as bold, underline, italics and hyperlinks in your submission.
If you are wanting to provide a snippet of an article from your own blog for the Heart & Hands blog, we can redirect readers back to the full article on your website. Please provide the url for your original article here.


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