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I want to thank you for the wonderful, warm, and skillful care IMAG0508
you gave me before and during my pregnancy. I really relied on your help week in and week out to help with my extended morning sickness and emotions during pregnancy. The baby ended up coming 10 days late with a medical induction. Other than the unplanned medical interventions, everything went great. I couldn’t have imagined doing pregnancy without your tune-ups. I produced a really happy baby, so I’m guessing it helped her too!

Warmest regards,
New H&H momma & the newest member
of the H&H community

Hi Christina,

You’ve been in my thoughts this past week and I want
to take the time to express my unnamedextreme gratitude for all the care you’ve provided me to date. Last week, on February 17, I came in to get induced. I left Heart and Hands at 11am. By 12:30pm I was having contractions and by 8pm I had my little baby boy.

I do think everything happens for a reason. I had a complicated birth and fortunately midwife, Lorna McRae was on-call that day. Because I went into labour that day and I received Lorna’s expert care the outcome for both myself and my little guy was excellent.

Your professionalism and dedication to community wellness is admirable and for that I am sincerely appreciative.

All the best,
Angela and baby Benjamin

Heart & Hands has helped me through various significant health problems over the past few months. The fact that it is affordable has allowed me to fully experience the amazing benefits of acupuncture. I always leave feeling amazing in body, mind and spirit. Thank you so much!!

Ten months ago I had a serious injury. I could not walk very far. I had chronic pain and was very depressed because of this.

I went to Heart and Hands 3 weeks ago and was treated  with acupunture by Madison Kolla. Since then I have noticed a big shift in my health. My chronic pain is still there, but is noticeably  lessened. I am more functional and find moving a lot easier.My mood has definitely improved too.

I will continue with my acupuncture sessions as I feel they are restoring me to balance and health. I  recommend this clinic.

Thank Madison. Thanks Heart and Hands.
~B. Wood

I visited Heart and Hands while I was on a holiday to Victoria and was blown away at how genius community acupuncture is! I love acupuncture and normally have a hard time affording the cost. I took full advantage of the clinic and sought treatment after an exhaustive weekend seminar, and then before my flight home to ease flight anxiety. The clinician was present, effective and I felt well looked after. I’ve since been so inspired by Heart & Hands and want to see more clinics like this – giving people access to affordable care. Thanks for everything, all the best!! <3
~ Mark J, Calgary Alberta

I first attended Heart and Hands collective in 2012 when my labor came to a halt & my doula advised I see Christina for an acupuncture induction.  Her treatment was highly effective, & I was able to avoid synthetic induction.

Receiving acupuncture at H&H brings me clarity, deep relaxation and balance. When I slip into the soothing lull of treatment, I feel the noise and bustle of daily life wash away.   This clinic has been integral in my recovery journey as I heal from concussion and whiplash, post car accident.  Joel and Christina have transformed concussion symptoms into cognitive acuity and restoration every single treatment.  I have appreciated the `walk-in` option on work days when I almost had to go home due to sudden symptom onset.  Their treatments have allowed me to return back to work much sharper and effective, avoiding sick time.

I am proud to be a client of H&H community clinic, and often encourage newbies to try it out.  The atmosphere is down to earth and comfortable, and services accessible to all. So glad I found this clinic!”
~Tracy M.

“I just want to express in writing how much heart and hands acupuncture has helped me through my first and third trimester. It has  immensely lessened my physical pain (shoulders, sacrum, pregnancy related pelvic discomfort etc) lowering my stress levels, boosting my confidence in my body and trusting the process of birth etc… I feel very supported and I am so grateful for Heart & Hands and the opportunity to receive such potent medicine. Also appreciate the super kind staff and flexibility with scheduling. What a wonderful place (I hope stays around for many years to come.)

Thank you!!!!” ~Eliza, mommy-to-be

Heart & Hands Health Collective is one of those rare kind of places in Victoria that you can walk into and feel absolutely no pretension or sense of self-indulgence, which is saying a lot in a city fairly well overrun by yoga studios and alternative medicine practitioners that cannot make the same claim! Christina Chan and her fellow practitioners at Heart & Hands listen and learn about each person that comes in for a treatment, and respond by sharing their expertise and providing acupuncture that is tailored to suit each client’s specific set of ailments or concerns. And they do all this on a sliding scale that is sensitive to their clients’ diverse sets of circumstances, making accessible the healing benefits of regular acupuncture treatment for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Christina has made a great contribution to the community through her work at Heart & Hands, not to mention her continuing participation and engagement in other community-minded initiatives throughout Victoria. Thank you Christina, for all you do!
~Heather, H&H client

”Acu-naps at Heart and Hands make my body feel like very happy jelly…a beautiful experience.” ~Jess P :)

“The healers of Heart and Hands Collective embrace their clients with such profound compassion it is hard not to be warmed by the experience.” ~Matt C.

“To watch people taking responsibility for their health is a great reminder that community spaces like here are part of the (solution).” –Matt A.

“I was introduced to acupuncture at Heart & Hands approximately a year ago. I arrived 15 minutes late, shaking from nerves, and I expected to be turned away due to my tardiness. Despite my state of disarray the staff was welcoming and patient. The sliding scale pricing and monthly deals allow me to attend regularly, and my mental, emotional and physical health have improved greatly.” ~Gabriella

“I have been receiving acupuncture treatment regularly from Christina at Heart & Hands for about four months.  I had not previously tried acupuncture and I immediately felt comfortable with Christina. Acupuncture has become an important part of how I care for myself; I feel both immediate and long-term positive impacts from the treatments.  I have huge respect and appreciation for how Christina practices acupuncture- the sliding scale makes treatments financially accessible, the clinic is efficient yet peaceful, and I always feel at ease, listened to, and cared for in Christina’s presence.”
In gratitude, Heather

“Christina Chan is a skilled, caring, and community-oriented practitioner dedicated to creating a healthier world through acupuncture. She empowers each person to take an active role in their well-being and she has created a much-needed, thriving space to make health and healing possible for everyone. Heart & Hands is the future of health care.”
~Rosalyn Cua, Business Consultant

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”
~Pema Chodron

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