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Rebecca Singer, RHT is a registered herbalist growing medicine, teaching and doing clinical work here on Coast Salish lands in Victoria, B.C.The creation of these medicines are an invitation to bring the power, beauty and wildness of plant medicines into your life.

This collection of ready-made tinctures addresses common maladies and help to anchor, steady and build resilience in you. One of the strengths of herbal medicines is individual care.

For more intricate conditions please contact a registered herbalist who can work to address your whole being and formulate a treatment plan that is specifically for you.

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Tincture Blends   – $16
Botanical First Aid Kits   – $35
Essential Oil Mist   – $18
Thieves Oil – $14
Life Drops   – $14
Tea Blends   – $16

Tincture Series – $16

gut instinct – digestive bitter
This formula increases your ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients from the foods that you eat, as well as relieving digestive discomfort. The use of digestive bitters before meals has a great impact on your overall health and wellbeing as our nervous system and immune system are closely enmeshed with our digestive systems. Supporting healthy digestion increases your ability to relax and stay healthy.

Contraindication – pregnancy, lactation, gallstones, ulcers, + allergy.

immune health
A blend of plants that support your immune system to keep you healthy, resilient and able to fend off illness throughout the winter season.

Contraindication – acute infections, anti-coagulant medications, before surgeries, + gallstones.

cold killer – anti-viral blend
A potent blend of anti-viral plants that can be used to fend off the early stages of sickness, or can be used to sooth an irritated throat and support the body’s ability to recover from infections when you’ve come down with something.

Contraindication – pregnancy, lactation, + hypertension.

surefooted nerve tonic
A tonic formula to nourish, soothe and restore your nervous system. Softens the edges and allows you to return to yourself with a new sense of calm and capacity for striding through challenges.

Contraindication – none.

emboldened heart
Our hearts are recognized as an organ of perception in many traditional medicines. This heart tonic strengthens and nourishes both your physical and emotional heart, allowing you to be open to the world around you while holding healthy boundaries.

Contraindication – caution in pregnancy + hypothyroid conditions.

focused mind
A blend of plants traditionally used for supporting focus, clarity and building memory. They nourish your nervous system and brain, bringing about a sense of calm that allows you to focus and create.

Contraindication – caution gallstones, pregnancy + gastro-esophageal reflux.

womb whisperer
A great companion for relief from menstrual cramps. A warming combination of plants that relaxes the uterus allowing you to enjoy the day.

Contraindication – pregnancy.

liver love
For the hard-working hero of our bodies, our dear liver. Show your constant companion some love with this liver restorative blend– impacting your overall wellbeing including your digestion, hormonal health, and skin.

Contraindication – pre-operation, anti-coagulant medication, caution in pregnancy + allergy.

sweet slumber

Sleep is foundational for our wellbeing. Relax your mind and body in preparation for a deep restorative sleep. This blend of plants settles your nervous system, breaks the cycle of thoughts that keep you up at night and relaxes your muscles welcoming in a deep sleep.

Contraindication – pregnancy and asteracea allergy. 

First Aid Kit – $35

An easy to use botanical first aid kit that brings relief and quick healing for cuts, burns, bruises and stings. Great for adventures or to have on hand for day to day use.

Kit includes:

    • wound powder
    • disinfectant spray
    • all heal salve
    • fast heal salve
    • Drawing powder
    • band aids
    • instruction sheet for use

Heart of the Forest Essential Oil Mist – $18

An essential oil blend that is grounding, fortifying and clearing to allow you to stand sure-footed in the present moment.

Contains: Essential oils of Balsam fir, Black spruce, Cedar frond and wood, Black Pepper + Frankincense with Rose hydrosol and purified water.

Life Drops – $14

A traditional remedy to stoke your vital fires. Using plants that invigorate, and stimulate to bring focus and energy to your day. Available in 30ml.

USE – a few drops in a glass of water or tea a day.

Contraindications – Do not use in pregnancy, have peptic ulcers or hypertension.

Thieves Oil – $14

Thieves Oil is an aromatic blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, thyme + rosemary essential oils. Together they make a potently anti-microbial blend. Inspired by the legendary thieves who in the 15th century, protected themselves by wearing creepy leather masks with beaks filled with these plants, enabling them to rob the dead and dying victims of the bubonic plague.

Great for keeping you healthy throughout the winter season – supports healthy immune function, purifies the environment around you and protects your respiratory system as you breath in the volatile oils of these plants. Blended with organic sunflower oil, it can be rubbed on your hands, chest or inhaled as a steam by adding it to boiled water.

Tea Blends – $16

rest + digest
Summers beauty in a cup with flowers of chamomile, rose and the hint of lemony lemon balm, supported by the sweet and gentle taste of spearmint and finished with the support of skullcap which steadies your body and mind into a state of relaxation.

A blend of Spearmint, Chamomile, Lemon balm, Skullcap, Cinnamon + Rose

nourish + mend
Nourish yourself with the seasons bounty of leafy greens that will deeply feed your body and spirit. Invites relaxation while giving you a dose of bioavailable nutrients including – calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, potassium and selenium.

A blend of nettle, alfalfa, anise hyssop + skullcap.

old love
A tea that settles your nerves and invites you to taste hints of the past while anchoring you in the present. Enabling you to appreciate where you are and to steady, resolve and evolve into an old love.

A blend of elderflower, hawthorn leaf and berry, passionflower, Oatstraw, hibiscus, linden, anise hyssop, holy basil, orange peel, ginger, cardamom + rose

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