Cancellation policies

We are accepting cancellations and rescheduling up to 12 HOURS BEFORE your appointment. Missed appointment and late cancellations (less than 12 hrs) is subject to a $35 fee (for Acupuncture/Cupping).

Exceptions granted to the following unforeseen and/or emergency situations

  • Illness or accident
  • Personal or family emergencies
  • Childcare conflicts
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or awaiting test results

You may cancel your appointment via

  • Online through (preferred)
  • Email,
  • Phone, 250-590-3185 – at this time, our capacity to answer the phone will be limited

Our JaneApp system sends email appointment reminders 36 hours before.
If you do not use or regularly check your email, please put systems in place to remind yourself of the appointment you have booked.

PLEASE NOTE: we always do our due diligence to contact you if you miss an appointment. Failure to follow-up with us will result in your online booking being disabled until your $35 fee is paid.

Be accountable for the timeslot you have booked, as our scheduling is limited.
Help us help you get the acupuncture you need.