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We love community. And we love stories. Humans of Heart & Hands is a collection of practitioner, volunteer & client accounts of how Heart & Hands Health Collective has made a positive impact in their lives.

There are two ways you can contribute!

  1. Share your Heart & Hands story – your personal account of being part of our community. It can be as short or long as you’d like, for examples to get you inspired, read the stories we’ve collected so far :)
  2. In the spirit of “Humans of New York”, if you are comfortable to lend us a photograph of yourself! Browse through the gallery ! This is either to accompany your Heart & Hands story or if you are at a loss for words, we can post just your photograph alone. You may either:
    (A) Send us a photo of your choice;
    (B) Drop by the clinic and we can take a picture of you :)

Check back to this page regularly to read our latest stories from the H&H community :)

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