I feel welcome in the space, I feel taken care of while there

I came to Heart and Hands Health Collective, in a great deal of social, spiritual, emotional and physical pain – add in a huge dash of skepticism about acupuncture. Introduced by a friend, upon my first visit, I received many blessings as a result of my visits to H&H. A profound sense of my story truly being heard – a deeper kind of meta listening where they listened to the sadness and fear of isolation. Much to my surprise, there were a couple of key issues addressed at each appointment – not just one. I have always felt accepted as I am, I feel welcome in the space. I feel taken care of while there. I know that when I visit, they are available to hold space for my healing – be it emotional, social, spiritual or physical.

A most gracious thank you to Christina and All of the amazing Acupunks at HnH! 💜

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