H&H story from J.M.

J.M. standing by a glassy lake with a dog standing in the water

I am a practitioner at Heart & Hands Health Collective, but also an avid napper.  Community acupuncture has been part of my routine for some years now, and always a happy part of my schedule.

This winter I experienced a serious bout of illness which knocked me thoroughly out for a few months– and Heart & Hands was with me every step of the way during the healing process, through powerful acupuncture sessions, and the caring collective which makes up the space.

During this time I experience how isolating and scary illness can be, and how incredibly important it is that spaces like Heart & Hands exist to help hold people when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  I love the experience of healing in a room full of other humans who are also moving through their own healing experiences; it makes the process of healing feel far less scary and isolating.

So much love to Heart & Hands!

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