Paying it forward

Today, Monday March 19, 2012 a serendipitous accumulation of enlightening information appeared in my tiny micro-universe of social media. And, it got the wheels turning (faster) – those who know me, know very well that my wheels don’t ever stop turning.

The idea of redefining the idea of wealth, consumerism and currency. That there are a multitude of wonderful examples of how community connection speaks louder and more powerful than money. If I wasn’t bound by my legal and financial obligations, I would happily barter acupuncture for everything! But, for now, our capitalist society keeps us stuck fighting tooth over nail for every dollar and leaving many to fall through the cracks.

I am inspired by seeing more and more acts of karma, gift circles, skill shares, work parties, etc. springing up around me. We are starting to see past the dollar value of the world.

It is important and vital to remember that our skills, our connections and our stance in society speaks deeper than currency. Many of us possess things that money will never buy. I’d rather share it than for someone to “buy me” any day.

To build a community, an economy of gifts – Yes Mag, about paying it forward

Bartering in the cracks of capitalism – Blog of Nick Montgomery

Living without money – a trailer about Heidemarie Schwermer’s deliberate choice to live without money 14 yrs ago

This gives a whole new meaning of you’re richer than you think and it doesn’t take opening another savings account to do it. Stay tuned, something’s cookin’ in the idea kitchen of Christina Chan’s brain….

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