THANK YOU for supporting Operation Adopt-a-Dog!

Nicole and the H&H team send a HUGE THANK YOU for everyone who booked an acu-nap on Oct 7 or 14 as well as all the generous folks who donated via e-transfer!

Aaaaaaand we have exciting news, we’d like to introduce Luna! She is a “Snoodle”, a poodle-miniature Schnauzer cross!

Our final tally is $483 in Community Acupuncture revenues + e-transfer donations
that will go now towards Luna’s ongoing care as she grows up :)

This is Luna, she is so calm sweet and affectionate. She is absolutely beautiful in every way possible.

Thank you for coming in on the Operation Adopt-a-Dog days as well as the folks who donated by e-transfer knowing that a part of the fees went to help me get a new best friend. I have never felt this kind of love and support from my community before and words can’t express how grateful I am to be part of the Heart & Hands community!

My journey finding a new dog has been very stressful…I didn’t realize how cost prohibitive it has become and how difficult it is to adopt a rescue! I’ve spent hours each day sifting through different organizations online. I’ve felt very powerless since starting the process to find a new friend to love.

I found Luna, a beautiful 13 week Snoodle, over Thanksgiving weekend from a breeder in Vancouver. The breeder was extremely touched by my story and learning that I lost my sweet Charlie. Knowing that this breed also makes excellent emotional support pets, she felt compelled to meet me. This breeder is often very selective and will screen adoption inquiries as her priority is for her dogs to go to a loving home. She even offered to have the first set of vaccines done through her vet using their breeders discount!

I was able to meet Luna on Tuesday and it was love at first sight. We instantly had a strong connection and I knew my long search was finished!!

When all was said and done, I had emptied all my savings and had to also borrow funds to cover the $1265 adoption fee, which for someone on disability is a lot of money. The only way this was possible was knowing that a block of funds was coming from Heart & Hands to help me recuperate a portion of the cost.

Since arriving home with Luna, I’ve been bumping into friends and neighbours and they all say that it’s wonderful to see me smiling again. My heart feels full and I feel content since finding Luna.

I will always miss my Charlie, but I look forward to making a new life with Luna.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU EVERYONE,

~Nicole M.

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