We Need to Support Moms Who Breastfeed, Not Shame Them

As we begin to lay down our foundations in client-base
and infrastructure of our Mom & babe acupuncture, we’re reminded about how special having this service available to new mothers can and will be.

Not only is it a safe and nurturing space for mom’s to take well-deserved down time. It’s also a space that supports rebuilding, renewal and strengthening bonds. We are delighted and proud to provide a breast-feeding friendly time-slot devoted entirely to women and their babies.

The Heart & Hands punks look forward to the day when our Wednesday Mom & babe acupuncture slot is a full and quietly bustling hub of mommas taking a break in the company of their babes. And the importance of respecting and honouring this life-giving act and miracle of the human body.

“We need to support moms who breastfeed, not shame them”

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