Reno sneak peek #3: Dobell Sign Co.

One of the highlights of our renovations has been the privilege of having bespoke signage done by the last remaining hand painted sign-writers in Lekwungen Territories and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about the results!!!!

Despite the stress and chaos that is an inherent part of renos, finally having the signage up in our windows really helps to make our new (dusty) space feel more at home. AND also to continue generating buzz in the Quadra Village neighbourhood!

Chris and Stu of Dobell Sign Co. are second generation sign-writers infamously known as the Dobell Brothers. Born and raised in Wollongong, Australia, they both relocated to Victoria, BC, in 2006, after falling for the charms of the city, people and the arts.

The brothers have learned the craft of hand painted signs from their father Billy, a 50 year Signwriting  veteran and trade school instructor. They furthered their education at the TAFE technical college in Sydney, Australia, receiving official trade certifications in their chosen craft of Signwriting. 

They have merged the old school techniques from their father and training with a West Coast modern flair. They hope the passion and drive for keeping the art of hand painted signs alive, shows in the quality and uniqueness of our work. You can see their signage and artworks proudly displayed in many local businesses of Vancouver Island, Vancouver and beyond. 

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