Reno sneak peek #4: Keith Landaiche & Finlay Pogue

Here are the father and son contractor duo behind the INCREDIBLE transformation of this once 2200 sq ft vacant dusty shell. After Christina noticed the For Lease sign and she went running across Quadra St to press her face up against the glass back in March…she scribbled a rough floor plan on the piece of scrap paper and Keith took it and ran with it.

With quiet precision and razor proficiency as well as a killer music selection, this pair have meticulously measured, marked, anchored, framed, plastered, glued, dismantled and reassembled the countless details that eventually came together for H&H 2.0.

With patience, humor and…putting up with Christina’s incessant need to not wait for things to dry, they have been instrumental in making that floor plan cooked up from Christina’s busy brain a reality!!

If you’re looking for a contractor dream team for your future renovations, reach out to us and we can connect you,!

More updates to come, but for the time being…we’d like to let you know the different ways you can support H&H during this exciting, but chaotic time:

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