In solidarity, acupuncture is made by ‘punks

Todo el poder el pueblo. Todo el amor el pueblo.

Community acupuncture – as practised by self-styled ‘acupunks’ – is a radically different vision and philosophy for the practice of acupuncture in the West. Patients are seen in a group setting, which allows for treatment to be conducted via a high-volume, low-cost sustainable business model. Spa settings and excessive Chinese medicine theory are unnecessary with such a model of treatment, as the needles do all the necessary work. This article describes the vision, aims and underlying philosophy of the community acupuncture movement.

Community acupuncture needs people who are able and willing to smoulder, who can light a fuse and stand the heat. Community acupuncture needs people who are untroubled by being unimportant and glad to take care of other people who are unimportant.
Community acupuncture needs people who are happy to be seen as ruffians by other acupuncturists, who can defy and shock the social norms of the acupuncture profession. Community acupuncture needs punks.
~Lisa Rohleder

Read Lisa’s article “Community Acupuncture: Making Buckets from Ming Vases”


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