A social experiment: the “preferred pronoun”

A few months ago, we were prompted by a few of our clients about more inclusion, especially for individuals who are transitioning, gender non-conforming and all things in between. So, the H&H acupunks discussed amongst ourselves as well as with a client who is a member of the queer community. The end result was making appropriate changes on our patient history forms. What transpired? A section for transitioning folks to list concerns and renaming our “Women only” section to “Hormonal/Menstrual history”.

But, also this simplistic, but thought provoking extra line on the first part of our form,
preferred pronoun______________”

So far, it has been a fascinating and subtle experiment in prompting clients from all walks of life to consider and reflect on how they prefer to be addressed and possibly even contemplating how they view their identity. As well, the importance of asking permission when gender or identity is something that can be a sensitive or even violent or shameful topic. Its a simple thing and I in no way claim I have any knowledge in gender studies, but

So far the responses have varied anything from the vague and confused to the clear and obvious

A very good experience all around. And then this got me thinking, that since H&Hs is considered a safe space for people to express their needs, I would like to invite one of our queer identifying community members to write about their needs and experiences from a queer point of view.

This includes what our “Statement of Non-Discrimination” means to them. Unique needs both personally, but also health and wellness-wise as an individual that may not identify in a hetero or binary sense. And also what their needs are to create a relationship of trust and safety, which can include the H&H’s experience, but not limited to it.

Feel free to send statements, comments, short stories, etc. I’m hoping to knit together an educational, insightful article for all H&H clients, both current and potential :)

Please send responses to info@heartandhandscommunity.ca
Thanks in advance. We are delighted to be part of something much larger than ourselves.

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