Bee Green Magazine Interview: Meet Heart & Hands Health Collective

A lovely little excerpt from Bee Green’s Danielle Hobbs & Jennifer Davies interview with
Christina Chan, R.Ac.

A feeling of warmth and comfort enveloped me as I walked into Heart and Hands Health Collective to meet Christina Chan, owner of the business whose core model is community acupuncture.  Jennifer, my colleague, asked Christina if they had done feng shui – she felt it too.  I have to admit, it is not every day that a room can produce such a sense of calm, a sense of belonging.  I felt as if I had been there before and was right at home.

Jennifer and I sat with Christina and chatted with her about the business – how it started, what it is about, who is involved.  As we talked, we toured the small building which has been completely renovated since the Collective took over the space in early 2010.  It is quiet and muted, relaxing and serene.   Standing in the main acupuncture room, you wouldn’t know you were in downtown Victoria.


Photo Attribution:  Sam Binette
Photo Attribution:
Sam Binette


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