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Three small visible things we do to be gender inclusive

These are not the only things we do. But they’re a few things you will see if you come book in with us.

We have a sign at our front desk that says: “Hi, my name is _________, and my pronouns are _________.” We made this sign with the blank space for pronouns a little under a year ago. So when a front desk volunteer shows up they write in their name and their pronouns. It invites clients to also share their pronouns when they walk up to the desk. We love this.

Our intake form has prompts to invite clients and new clients, to include their pronouns. This helps us so much in our efforts to put people at ease, and help them have a more relaxing experience. Also, these form entries sometimes prompt interesting and heart-warming conversations with folks who are interested and who haven’t encountered nonbinary or gender-diverse topics.

We also have a gender-neutral washroom! We laugh about this, because the vast majority of washrooms in houses are gender-neutral. But our washroom sign just says “washroom.” So we’re pretty radical.

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