Quarantine Digital Care Package #1

We really miss you all and hope this finds you hanging in there, staying safe and healthy during this necessary time of solidarity in protecting the health of our community, preventing unnecessary burden to our medical system and to flatten the curve of COVID-19 transmission. We look forward to when it will be safe to reopen our doors and return to poking our folks :)

Aside from getting plenty of rest, practicing self-compassion and patience, feeding yourself good food and taking yourself on walks in the spring sun; here are a few offerings that I’ve been enjoying myself to help with self-regulation as well as some additional resources if you are struggling during this time:

  • Self-administered Ear Acupressure
    A simple sequence that addresses a variety of issues as well as promoting relaxation through applying pressure to your earlobes
  • A poem: An Anarchist Quaker’s Prayer to Soothe Anxiety
    This poem was an email response from my therapist when she closed her office because of coronavirus. The author has given permission for YES! to publish it, but wishes to remain anonymous. —Ayu Sutriasa
  • An Indigenous perspective on emergency preparedness and our relationship to the natural world
    For The Wild podcast presents Homebound as an offering of curated episodes from the archives intended to share perspective and guidance in the midst of a time of tremendous uncertainty and possibility. In light of the personal and global impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, as our first offering, we’re rereleasing this potent discussion with Reverend M. Kalani Souza, a gifted storyteller, singer, songwriter, musician, performer, poet, philosopher, priest, political satirist, and peacemaker. This episode originally aired in November of 2018 but we feel that these words on preparedness are more relevant now than ever.
  • Additional perspectives on embracing uncertainty and grieving what was and how to move forward
    An episode from one of my favorite podcasts, Invisibilia, about how to navigate uncertainty through the eyes of a chief meteorologist.
    Practicing In The World As It Is, an episode of The Road Home podcast, hosted by Buddhist practitioner and teacher, Ethan Nichtern’s perspectives on meditation practice and navigating anxiety and fear during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Sharing some of the soundtracks we play during your acupuncture sessions, so you can kick back and pretend you are mid-acu-nap ;)
    “Thursday Afternoon”, by Brian Eno
    “New Space Music”, by Brian Eno
    “Riceboy Sleeps”, by Alex & Jonsi
    “Unravel”, by Peter Rainbird
  • Nourish yourself by making your own sauerkraut
    Spring is Liver season, associated with the Wood element. This is an ideal time to consume acidic, sour foods to promote digestion, breaking down fats and supporting your tendons and ligaments. This recipe is a simplified and cost effective method for making your own cabbage sauerkraut using a mason jar, which is also a fantastic way to build a fermented culture custom to your own microbiome :)
  • FREE selection of E-books from North Atlantic Books
    In response to these challenging times, NAB is more committed than ever to live up to our mission of health, healing, and transformation—and to continue serving you, the reader, in what is sure to be a period of great uncertainty and transition. New books will be posted every three days for the next three weeks.
  • Enjoy a diverse and thought-provoking selection of short and full-length films from the National Film Board of Canada & CBC Gem
    As a loud and proud former disk jockey for university campus radio, I have always been a strong supporter of CanCon. So enjoy a change of pace if you are tired of Netflix ;)
  • COVID-19 Psychological Support Services, from the BC Psychological Association.
    Designed to help any BC resident who is experiencing stress, anxiety, or uncertainty due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. This service is FREE!

If you are in need or wanted to check-in with us, EMAIL is best and I can be reached at heartandhands.acu@gmail.com and I will do my best to address your questions or concerns from a distance.

Wash your hands, practice physical distancing+social solidarity and I will curate another care package in the next few weeks.

Have courage, see you back on the blog soon :)

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