Heart & Hands became an additional source of connection for me

Going to acupuncture with Christina at Heart & Hands got me through to the end of my pregnancy. I started going for relief from pregnancy-related carpal tunnel, but it soon became clear to me that Christina was very knowledgeable about a lot of aspects of well-being for mothers to be. Especially during the COVID pandemic, when midwife visits were few and far between, Heart & Hands became an additional source of connection for me, and a place where someone checked on me every week to make sure I was ok.

I’m also convinced that acupuncture for cervical ripening helped me to have a smooth birthing experience! I was due for induction at 39 weeks, which I didn’t want, but a day or two after my last acupuncture appointment the baby came all on her own. I became a mom a few weeks shy of my 41st birthday and handled it like a rock star, and I have Heart & Hands at least partially to thank for that.

Thank you!

photo by Sophie Lecavalier Photography

Did you know? Heart & Hands offers safe, drug-free and affordable care throughout your pregnancy journey, whether you are in the trying to conceive, managing the symptoms and discomforts during, preparing to give birth or needing post-partum support, we are the place! Find out more, Pokes for pregnancy: Community Acupuncture for happy, healthy parents & babies.

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