Quarantine Digital Care Package #17

We hope you have emerged from August rested, well-fed and tanned!

There is A LOT happening in the world right now and we advise that you try to strike a balance between consuming media to stay informed and ensuring you are taking regular breaks to not let your overworked nervous systems and hearts get too taxed and overloaded. It is also again important to count your blessings and practice gratitude. If you are housed, fed, clothed and employed, you’re doing OK. And if you have the means, try to support others in the plethora of crises happening both in our own backyards and globally.

We have lovingly packed this month’s package with techniques for nervous system regulation that are specifically suited for our current world events, Indigenous culture activities available in our own backyard of Lkwungen Territories, a thought-provoking selection of short films and soundtracks and seasonally-relevant food resources for yourself and those in-need.

And for everyone, students, teachers, faculty and auxiliary staff that are all headed back to start the 2021 school year, we are wishing you a safe re-entry into another year of education during a global pandemic. We are sending you strength, courage, fortitude and hopefully a lack of anti-mask, anti-vaxx rhetoric. Trying to teach, learn and facilitate with the impending risk of COVID-19 is stressful enough :/

May be be able to ride the continuing waves of this strange, chaotic world. Support your neighbours, engage in mutual aid if you are able and most importantly, take good care of yourselves.

Until next month…

“I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.”
~Greta Thunberg

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