Unmasking Brewster

My name is Brewster Scott

I am a First Generation Grenadian Canadian on my Father’s side and a 3rd generation Irish/Scottish/Pennsylvania Dutch Canadian mix on my Mother’s.

One of the reasons my parents decided to name me “Brewster” was so that when my name was seen on a resume, I would track as male and bypass cursory sexism in job selection.  Needless to say, the concept of discrimination and some of the ways it can have an impact, has been a growing part of my awareness since I first heard my own name.

I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon, but raised in Duncan, BC, the traditional territories of the Cowichan Tribes and the Hul’qumi’num people.

I have been a Naturopathic Doctor since 2011, and a Registered TCM Practitioner since 2019.  I am also a mother, sister, daughter and life partner.  

Swimming and dancing, sometimes at the same time, —aquafit anyone? — :D keeps me grounded and makes me feel alive. Since personally discovering Community Acupuncture, I have felt that it fills a void left by the private one-on-one acupuncture practice, and I have been looking for a way to apply a similar model to Naturopathic Medicine.  Currently my version of this is “Accessible Naturopathic Care” here at Heart & Hands, but hopefully Accessible Naturopathic Care will have future iterations. Not everyone has extended medical insurance. I never did, and until I met my partner (who has family extended medical), I couldn’t afford to see a Naturopathic Doctor or Acupuncturist – even though I was one!  I truly believe my profession(s) need to cast a much wider net if we are to serve our whole community.

I am fascinated by how perspective can utterly change the perception of something- including pain. I believe understanding how our nervous system is connected to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, holds information that can help us to overcome almost any obstacle.  Amongst my more formal designations of Prescriptive Authority and Acupuncture Certification as an ND, I also have 2nd level Reiki and White Time Healing certification, and I completed my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science. My next areas of study will hopefully be Hypnotherapy and Osteopathic Manual Practice.

And here are my answers to a few interview questions to make this a bit more relevant to the times we are in:

My go-to activities to pass the time during quarantine:

Sleeping!  I never underestimate the power of a good nap.  Learning Mandarin, watching foreign films with subtitles and trying to pick apart the stream of sound that is fluent speech into words and phrases, so that i might pick up a few phrases in whatever language it is or at least be able to identify the language on the spot – mostly korean, mandarin, spanish, hindi, punjabi and french (like “I’m sorry”, or “hello”, “What”, “Okay”, “Don’t worry about it”), Learning to code (20 bucks on Udemy if you catch the sales right), mapping out a new project for when I am well, and letting my creative inspiration take me where it wants to go.

An intention for the world during this time of uncertainty:

Food, health and living security for everyone.  A chance for each of us to wake up to what we can do to make the world a better place and a chance for those with power to step out of the (or their own) way and let the change happen.

I hope for opportunities for each of us to live our lives differently than before this all happened and somehow (hopefully) find a way to make that better than it was.  

I wish for sustainability in all that we do, moderation, cooperation and sharing.

Things you are grateful for (in no particular order):

For living with very few barriers to health and need fulfillment in such a beautiful and sparsely populated portion of the earth.
For the extraordinary amount of education I have received in my lifetime.
For access to extracurricular activities as a child.
For every time I have felt awkward, alone, out-of-touch, cast aside, misunderstood or disregarded.  It has helped me to increase my sensitivity to this in others, and (hopefully) help those feeling this way find a safe space to be seen.
For my family and the sustaining quality of my relationships within it.
For the ability to work, follow my passion and interests.
For the ability to spend time with my family
For not having to fear for my life or bodily harm on a daily basis.
For easy access to clean nutritious food and water.
For the roof over my head
For the sun coming in my window
For having a job that is still allowed/required in COVID times.
For the knowledge that massive climate change is coming.  We all have a chance to prepare. 

Causes that you support during this time:

Human rights
Environmental rights and responsibilities
Every Child Matters
Local economies
LGBTQ Lives matter
BIPOC Lives matter
Food security
Shelter security
Water security

Acupuncture is important at this time because:

Aside from treating your ailments, in these tumultuous times, acupuncture can centre and ground us.  It can help us think, sleep and move better, decrease anxiety, improve mood, and help you tap back into your (inner) self, no matter the external circumstance.

When this is all over I’m looking forward to:

Smiling with my mouth instead of my eyes.
Taking stock of all the changes I have made in my life as a result of COVID and keep the beneficial ones.
Taking life slower.
Refreshing my small talk skills and making new friends
Not having to feel self-conscious when I need to clear my throat.

And if you still want to know even more about me:

Check out my practitioner bio and perhaps you’d like to visit me and GET POKED .  A lot can be learned about someone just by seeing them mask-to-mask and experiencing how they interact with you.

Best wishes for peace, growth and harmony for you and your loved ones :) And if you feel comfortable, book in for an acu-nap and let me help facilitate and/or enhance your connection to your inner you.

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