Here’s to 11 years.

We quietly turn the page on H&H’s 11th year of providing compassionate, accessible community care. Here’s to 11 years of providing acupuncture to change the world. 

In the past decade, we have provided thousands of sliding scale acupuncture treatments, touched countless lives, transitioned through growing pains, overcome many obstacles and broken many barriers, all with the steadfast intention that we believe acupuncture is for EVERYONE. 

Christina reflecting back when H&H turned 6:

“As the daughter of Chinese immigrants, I have spent most of my life feeling out of place, never quite Canadian, never quite Chinese. Looking for a place to fill with my intentions, my traditions, set down my roots. But where?

Then one day, I realized, “Why looking for a home, when I can build my own? Why look outside of myself, when everything I need is inside?”

So 6 yrs later, here I am. Welcome home. How hard would you *work* for something that is *made of* you?”

We are grateful and proud to continue providing vital community care and to be a safe space for respite as this global pandemic rages on. To our clients, we would like to THANK YOU for supporting our small business + your well-being and especially for your courage and trust that you place in us during such uncertain times. We would not be here without you all. 

And we will also take the opportunity to remind our community that H&Hs is on the hunt for passionate, radical and courageous acupuncturists to join us!

If you OR someone in your networks is interested in the important role of taking over the day-to-day operations of Heart & Hands, please share this information. Tell us more about yourself and why you would be a fit for our client-base. We especially welcome matriarchs, BIPOC and LGBTQIA2+ practitioners. We would love to pass the torch to candidates who have had a lived experience of facing barriers to receiving health care services and/or working with individuals who have faced such barriers.

We hope to find some magical folks to be part of the little clinic who could and look forward to many years to come of collaboration, co-creation and growth.
For more information, please READ HERE!

For those of you who are new clients, WELCOME.
And for our veteran acu-nappers, we’re delighted you stuck with us and look forward to seeing you in a chair <3

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