Commencing November 1st: Late Fees in effect

Unfortunately, the number of clients arriving 5+ minutes late in recent weeks is rising and it is becoming unmanageable for us to provide proper care to everyone, esp when we have multiple late-comers back-to-back.

While we understand that there is pandemic stress, the change in weather and season and unexpected traffic, when you arrive late, it interferes with your acupunk’s ability to do their job well AND it impacts the clients who are scheduled after you.

The Community Acupuncture model relies on high volume bookings to keep our rates affordable + for our practitioners to make a living wage. Our timeslots are currently 15 minutes long, so there is adequate time for clients to get settled, for your acupunk to conduct your intake and administer your treatment. So when someone is 5, 10, 15 minutes late, you can imagine how this impacts our ability to do our job and will have a ripple effect on staying on schedule.

Despite reminding everyone to allow additional time for the commute, to find parking, etc. we’ve had shifts where up to HALF of scheduled clients do not arrive on time. This makes it even more stressful and difficult for us to provide you high quality care and is unfair to the clients who do arrive on time.

Commencing November 1st, 2021,
clients who arrive 5+ minutes past their appointment time
will be charged a $2 fee

We are also very reluctant to apply a 3 strikes rule, but many late comers are also repeat offenders. I hope we do not need to resort to cancelling clients who are repeatedly late, BUT, if necessary, that is also a possibility.

It is our utmost priority that we maintain the conditions necessary to create a peaceful and efficient environment so that everyone receives a restful and therapeutic acu-nap, BUT that we need our clients to also do their part and try their best to be punctual, out of consideration for both practitioner and client alike.

And while we hate having to penalize clients, lateness is a major contributor to the stress of pandemic practicing and we’re hoping that this will encourage a shift in people’s habits.

Thank you in advance and PLEASE be on time!!

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