February is Bring-a-Friend!

It’s time to bring back a popular pre-pandemic promotion!

This is an opportunity to reward our client base for their valuable word of mouth! And also a way to treat the important people in your life to some well-deserved TLC.

So if you have that partner/friend/classmate/coworker who keeps complaining about XYZ issue…maybe book yourself + them in for discounted acu-naps!

Also that we should reclaim the romantic Hallmark BS of Valentine’s Day and just make it about normalizing telling your friends you LOVE THEM <3

For the month of February, book yourself + a friend
Community Acupuncture sessions on the SAME SHIFT
& each session is $25/person!

There is a $10 paperwork fee for NEW clients

If you happen to live outside of Victoria, but you wanted to give the gift of health and wellness to a loved one, find out more about Gifting Treatment Credits

How to book an appointment:

  1. Visit heartandhandscommunity.ca/booking for more information, hours & COVID policies;
  2. Our booking page will take you to heartandhands.janeapp.com to our online booking;
  3. Choose the appointment type whether NEW or RETURNING client;
  4. Choose the timeslot of your choice, as will your important person;
  5. At the end of the booking process, there is a section for “Notes”, please include the NAME of the person you booked with so we know each of you is entitled to a $25 session. REMEMBER, there is a $10 paperwork fee for NEW clients;
  6. NEW clients, check your email, JaneApp will have sent you the “New Patient Intake Acupuncture/Cupping”, please complete this prior to arrive for your appointment!

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