Ways to support us (and yourself) into the winter

It is an increasingly stressful and uncertain time for most small businesses, now that we are midway through the fall and heading into darker, chillier and soggy Pacific Northwest days.

We are sailing through uncharted waters as we embark on the start of cold & flu season during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to manage stress as it will impact so many of our vital bodily rhythms such as sleep, mood, nervous system regulation, hormones, digestion and most importantly, STRONG, RESILIENT IMMUNE SYSTEMS!!

This is your PSA to support H&H and yourselves through this challenging time by exercising self-care. We depend on keeping our schedules booked so we can continue to pay our bills, our acupunks to make ends meet and to keep our doors open. So this is our call to book in to GET POKED !!!

Here are a few other simple suggestions of ways to ensure you and your bubble stay safe and healthy fall into winter:

  • Sign-up (look on the RIGHT column) for our mailing list & stay up to date with Heart & Hands happenings!
  • Having relationship issues? Are you part of the same social bubble?
    Come in as a couple & make it a datebook online
  • Tired of hearing your friend, coworker, neighbor complain about their sore low back, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, etc.?
    Refer us new earthlings! Tell them to get pokedbook online
  • Talk about us on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, etc.
    Make sure to tag us + use #heartandhandsyyj
  • Write a review on Google Places or Facebook!
  • Were you over the moon about the care you received?
    Share your story on Humans of Heart & Hands
  • Looking for something to compliment your community acupuncture sessions?
    Check out our other practitioners under Other Offerings

And as always, please review our COVID-19 Healthy & Safety Protocols as well as a few suggestions to ensure you are as comfortable and warm as possible during your acunaps :)

Be safe, wash your hands & see you in a chair!

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