Thank you, Heart & Hands, for all the ways you have held me in your hearts and hands

When I walked into my first acupuncture at Heart & Hands on June 3, 2021, I had no idea how literal their name would become for me.

I started seeing Christina to treat chronic pain originally because acupuncture had been recommended by friends who also struggle with pain management. Since that original treatment, I have received acupuncture for anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, surgery recovery, kidney/bladder infections, viral recovery, headaches, digestion, menstrual issues and more.

Over the past few years, my chronic health challenges have become more present and vocal while I have also been recovering from many years of compound psychological trauma. Without the support of Christina and the folks of Heart & Hands, I would not be here writing this today. Their treatments have been lifesaving.

There were many times in the past two years when the emotional and physical pain and discomfort were unbearable and I thought about ending my life just to make it stop. But as I started going in for more acu-naps, I noticed how relief was building with each treatment. Now, when something is flaring, I book a series of urgent treatments to reduce inflammation, and I make sure to go in for regular “tune-ups” even when things are going well. Psychological therapy helps me understand and contextualize my experiences, medication provides acute relief, but acupuncture moves blockages out of my body, giving it the best chance to heal holistically.

In so many ways, the folks of Heart & Hands have held me in their hands and truly committed themselves to improving my well-being. In the space where I take acu-naps with my community, I feel our hearts come together and weave a ring of healing around the room. And lucky me, on October 6, 2021, I found beautiful, deep love in the waiting room of Heart & Hands after (unknowingly) sharing an acu-nap with my now-partner of two years.

Thank you, Heart & Hands, for all the ways you have held me in your hearts and hands. My quality of life has improved significantly since 2021 because of your care and my heart is filled with gratitude <3 <3 <3


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