H&H story from W.M.

Wally sitting on the benches in the Heart & Hands lobby and to his left is his beautiful mother, Loretta. They are waiting to head into the clinic room for their appointments.

Thank You Heart & Hands Health Collective!

H&H has become an intricate, helpful and affordable part of my life in relieving my HCV symptoms.  My symptoms can include fatigue, brain fog and anxiety, can last for days or hours, come without warning and cripple my ability to function.  I have no bandages or crutches just unexplainable disabling symptoms.

The knowledgeable caring staff at Heart & Hands Health Collective quickly and effectively subdued my HCV symptoms, making my days manageable.  The acupuncture technique is painless or had minimal discomfort but has given me huge payoffs in relief.

H&H is a local community resource that supports my well-being and I hope you will support this community treasure.


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