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After seeing my healthcare professional with some concerns about my monthly cycles and some unexplained discomfort, the only suggestions given were light exercise, painkillers, and “keeping an eye on things.” This did not seem sufficient as a care regimen, so my mom suggested I try acupuncture at Heart & Hands. She had been seeing Christina and thought I should see if I could get some relief. She said it was good to take yourself out of the chaos, even for an hour, and let someone else look after you.

I began seeing Christina or Madison weekly in October 2015, and over the next several months, they worked on balancing my hormones, regulating my heavy cycles, and helping to calm anxiety or emotional highs and lows. Madison is so compassionate, skillful and gentle, and Christina is very knowledgeable and dedicated. Sometimes I would have an “acu-nap” and other days, I would simply rest in the reclining lawn chair, half-listening to the quiet music, and let the needles work. I noticed when I missed two weeks in a row while on vacation, so acupuncture is definitely making a positive difference in my daily life!

The sliding scale payment system and “bring a friend” months make this service available to many, and the prepaid punch cards encouraged me to come regularly – which is how you get the most out of acupuncture. Eventually, as I was “keeping an eye on things” and experiencing chronic abdominal and lower back pain, it was determined that I needed to see a gynaecologist. I was scheduled for surgery (with a wait of several months) and diagnosed with a very large cyst and endometriosis, which explained the pain and discomfort, low energy, and so much more.

Without the care of the practitioners at H&H I would not have made it through the long, painful and emotionally difficult months of waiting for surgery and diagnosis. Victoria is blessed to have this warm, safe, welcoming community space, staffed by volunteers and qualified acupuncturists. I continue to visit weekly and I am so grateful to Madison and Christina for looking after me. They truly do work with their heart and their hands.


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