For Valentine’s Day, gift those you love the gift of (acu)nap!

I’m sure we all have that person in our lives that keeps complaining about their lower back, neck pain, insomnia, painful periods, headaches and/or just really needs support unwinding ’cause it’s so damn stressful right now…this is a simple way you can treat your loved ones (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) to some well-deserved self-care.

For Valentine’s, gift a loved one with credit for acu-naps!

  • Credits must be in a minimum of $35, which is consistent with our $35-55 sliding scale
  • Contactless payment by e-transfer to (we have autodeposit, no password required!)If you need to use a different form of payment, please email us to make other arrangements.
  • When sending your e-transfer, please include the recipient’s FULL NAME + RETURNING or NEW, so we can assign the credit to the correct human!
  • If this gift is a surprize, be sure to notify the recipient with a card, text, email, etc.!
    Once we create an account for a NEW client, JaneApp will send a welcome email so they can log into their account, set a password and book themselves a treatment!
  • It’s paperless, so no waste, nothing to lose or keep track of and it doesn’t expire!

For more information and/or to send your loved one some Valentine’s acu-ZZZZZs, READ HERE.

Not to mention that self-care is an important tool for getting us through the dreary, damp-cold days of our West Coast winter + while living through a pandemic. Stress management and immune support are the name of the game!

We’d also like to encourage during this uncertain and difficult time to also hold your friends close as social isolation takes it’s toll. Friendships are just as important and if not more socially enriching regardless of whether you are or are not in a romantic relationship. We obviously need to adjust how we socialize today, but we’d like to encourage you all to show your friends how much you love them. Let’s break through the limitations of this Capitalist holiday. Here are some pointers from this article in Medium, Platonic Intimacy: Master the Art of Loving Your Friends.

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