Reno sneak peek #5: Denny Box

This final gratitude piece goes to the wonderful electrician who helped orchestrate bringing light, internet/phone and POWER to our new nest, Denny Box…who also happens to be none other than Christina’s partner in crime and in life <3

Not many know that Denny is the superhero in the background of our first crazy reno in 2010 at 851 Cormorant St. He is also our general handy man on-call any time something goes wrong or needs a repair.

Simply put, H&H would not exist without the contribution of this wonderful, patient and loving human. Christina isn’t partial to measuring things properly or wielding power tools, so thank goodness Denny is around!!

We’re getting closer…so we’d like to remind you of the different ways you can support H&H during this exciting, but chaotic time:

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